Full List of 2018 Holiday Marketplace Vendors

When word got out that we were partnering with Pinecrest, the vendor applications for this years Holiday Marketplace came rolling in. Jennifer & I love this event so much and picking the vendors is a huge passion of ours because we pride ourselves on curating a special & unique shopping experience! Tickets can be purchased under our Shop tab, we’d love to see you at the event!

We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s vendors! Take a look below:

1.   A Little After Nine

2.   Anne Cate

3.   Art of Sucre

4.   Backattack Snacks

5.   Barrs Bars

6.   Blair Ritchey

7.   Bleu Chic Boutique

8.   Bombay Taxi

9.   Boundary + Thorn

10.   Colleen Gorey Photography

11.   Emily Roggenburk

12.   Joy Lewis Photography- providing event pictures

13.   Lion Heart Lamb Clothing

14.   Little Red Bird Cookies

15.   Mae + Melon

16.   Marissa Ramsier -doTerra Essential Oils

17.   Olive Me Beauty

18.   Oy-L

19.   Periwinkle Studio

20.   Pope’s Kitchen

21.   Something Chic Boutique

22.   Stash Style

23.   Stitches + Stowaways

24.   Two French Blue

25.   Usborne

26.   YellowCake Shop

27.   Thread

28.   Vernacular

29.   Shelby Hance + Emma Purtan- Maskara

30.   J.Bellezza

31.  Kendra Scott